WORD MEANING ALERT: Football coach fired for taking a kneeindex


A White HS Football coach from Washington State was fired for taking a knee to pray.

This Coach will be praised for taking a knee to protest the country, where the freedom to take a knee is okay in one instance but not in the other?

The argument is bass-ackwards?!?

Watch: 8-year-old football players take knee during national anthem

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GAME WITHIN THE GAME ALERT: “F#!% Free Speech…hopefully, in the long-term, we can weed out people like Bret.”index

GAME WITHIN THE GAME ALERT: “F#!% Free Speech…hopefully, in the long-term, we can weed out people like Bret.”

Evergreen State College Controversy (HBO)

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Antifa using violence to silence the opposition…demonstrates intention to LTR.index

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Antifa sing violence to silence the opposition…demonstrates intention to LTR.

Washington State Parents Waking to Common Core Nightmareindex

Written by CSG student David Weston

Parents in Washington State and the nation are waking up to the educational travesty that is Common Core. In brief, Common Core is a federally driven standardized teaching and testing curriculum rolled out in 2009 to assess students and teachers every step along the way. Confused and overwhelmed by all the standardized testing? There is the SBAC, the SB-ELA, EOC-Math, EOC-Biology and the WA-AIM (http://www.k12.wa.us/graduationrequirements/pubdocs/graduationtoolkit.pdf; see page 17). All of this testing creates nothing short of data-farming on our children, a clear violation of their 4th Amendment rights to privacy. Questions, and resulting data, are not allowed to fall into the hands of parents – the guardian and supreme authority of their own child. In addition, the tests are arbitrarily designed to fail most students (~60%-90% failure rate). This high failure rate transfers great stress to early learners, attested to by countless stories shared by parents of their children reduced to tears by testing stress brought on by odd methodology and age-inappropriate questions. The high failure rate leads teachers to “teach the test”, rather than teaching the curriculum, in an attempt to help students pass this arbitrary test and also help their own assessments. Common Core is a one-size-fits-all curriculum that forces students and teachers into a commonality of approach. In other words, it forces a group-think onto the students and teachers trapped under Common Core. Make no mistake: in time, group-think will thoroughly destroy the future creativity and ingenuity of our children and this nation.

Now, with the passage of HB 1491 (http://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=1491&year=2015), also known as ‘Baby Core’, this group-think molding and standardized testing will now begin in preschool! Parents of Washington state, and the nation as a whole, must wake up to the futility and danger posed by Common Core. Even non-profit preschools, including church preschools, are not exempt from being forced into this curriculum. Developed solely by bureaucrats, Common Core received no input from educators and was never validated. Billionaires and bureaucrats heavily lobbied for the curriculum and stand to make enormous profits from the testing process and the worker-drone mentality that is the end game of Common Core. The use of force and coercion by the federal government is never a ‘lift all boats’ methodology. The use of force and coercion by government is consistently a means toward the end of benefiting “crony insiderism” and collecting more centralized power. It is no coincidence that the Common Core plan was rolled out in 2009, just after the great recession began, when municipalities, counties and states were short on incoming revenue. The carrot at the end of the stick was irresistible.

However, amid this dire news is also some good news. An increasing number of States and parents are opting out of Common Core testing. Parents have the right to opt their child out of this toxic testing, and are doing so at an increasing rate. Just last week 100% of Seattle’s Nathan Hale high school juniors opted out of taking the SBAC (http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/education/nathan-hale-high-school-juniors-boycott-state-test/). Last week also saw the entire state of Tennessee withdraw from Common Core. Furthermore, our own Washington state representative, Elizabeth Scott (39th District), has drafted House Bill 2165 (http://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=2165&year=2015) that would repeal Common Core completely from Washington State. The movement to abolish Common Core is growing in Washington State and all over the nation, we need to take back control of our children and abolish Common Core!

Author Biography

David Weston, PhD is a clinical laboratory manager with a career spanning infectious disease research, drug discovery and reproductive biology. He, his wife and three children live in Lynnwood, WA.