BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: Cities addicted to federal Medicaid dollars?index


Local Cities are ‘opioid users’ too – addicted to Federal Medicaid dollars?

“86 percent of [mayors who] say they are “greatly concerned” that doing away with [Obamacare] would leave their citizens more vulnerable to health crises like opioid addiction and obesity.”

Maybe the so-called Federal policy and financial connection to local governments makes the U.S. nationalistic rather then self-governing? Maybe, LTR wants the addiction…?

Cities Fear Obamacare Repeal, Warm to Single-Payer

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WORD MEANING ALERT: Government regressing or progressing?index


The governing actually walking government back??? That would be strange…has anyone ever seen that before?

For most of us, this would be confusing – is such an activity regressive or progressive?

BREAKING: Trump, McConnell, Pence Call For Full, Clean Obamacare Repeal

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USE OF FORCE ALERT: Brilliant use of messagingindex


Extremely brilliant use of messaging in a 30-second Tweet.

Conventionally, the media depicts victims, villains, and heroes and controls the ensuing narrative. They are usually seen as the unbiased hero – telling the story of the voiceless victim and destroying the villain with words.

In this parody, the President competes DIRECTLY against the media

He made them out to be the villains
…the American People to be the victims
…and he is their hero, body-slamming the villains

And this is somewhat humorous considering the media’s positive and repetitive coverage of…

…artist’s, like Kathy Griffin, beheading the President,
…plays encouraging the assassination of the President,
…and ANTIFA severely beating up or boycotting the businesses of so-called ‘Pro-Trump’ supporters.

Of course, the media didn’t carry out the violence directly – just covered the ‘art’ positively (since after all, their narrative is that Trump and his supporters are the villains anyway)…and the media is the conventional hero?

Ironic twist of roles…not sure the media likes the uncomfortable feeling of being made out as villains…the insulated perception that they are the heroes, who deserve a higher status of protection, was cracked by a 30-second tweet…

NOTE – CSG DOES NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE against the media or the President for that matter

Media Horrified After Trump Tweets Video Body-Slamming CNN

ENLIGHTENED AND SUPERIOR ALERT: Voters “stupid as sh*t”index


“Would it be fair to question the intellect of the American voter?”…”Oh, no. They’re stupid as sh*t.”

Were the voters smart as he!! when they voted for a so-called blue jersey in 2008? Are the voters ‘stupid as sh*t’ because they voted for a so-called red jersey? What is the rationale behind their thinking, writing, and covert action to dismantle the U.S.? And who are they…apparently the people behind the curtain?

The difference in strategy and tactic during the 1992-97 versus 2002-2007 time-frame was strikingly similar?

James O’Keefe Video: CNN Associate Producer Calls Voters ‘Stupid as Sh*t’

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BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: Manipulated news dismantling our society.index

BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: We think of media as a source of information and connection to the world around us. Manipulated news, however, has had the chilling effect of dismantling our society and its social structures & institutions.

QUOTE from released video: “It’s a business, people are like the media has an ethical phssssss… All the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.”


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USE OF FORCE ALERT: Whomever controls the narrative controls the perception of justification and contempt.index

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Whomever controls the narrative controls the perception of justification and contempt. This ‘verbal, visual, physical wrestling match’ is getting dangerously close to the cliff.

BOOM!! Protesters INTERRUPT Trump Assassination Play – RUSH STAGE — Screaming “Goebbels Would Be Proud!” (VIDEO)

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WORD MEANING ALERT: The issue is never the issue…index

WORD MEANING ALERT: The issue is never the issue when a fixed invisible political boundary is at stake. If the agenda to consolidate political boundaries is moving forward cling to the Federal level…when it is not cling to the State and Local level.

Note – the issue is not the issue; the fixed invisible political boundary is…POLITICAL WARFARE – IT IS IN THE GAME OF GOVERNANCE…

Obama: Trump ‘Rejects The Future,’ Calls For Cities, States To Go Forward Without Feds

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WORD MEANING ALERT: “Control the meaning of words – control the destiny of humankind.”index

WORD MEANING ALERT: “Control the meaning of words – control the destiny of humankind.”

We’ve now reached the stage of politicizing the dictionary

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USE OF FORCE ALERT: Berkeley Turkey sandwichindex

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Berkeley Turkey sandwich…same ingredients different lipstick…Stomp out those who disagree with you…eliminate ‘free speech’…beat up the ‘fascists’…Krysallnacht redux.

History has a weird way of repeating itself…and why do kids keep making the same mistakes over and over…?

MULTIPLE VIDEOS: Erdogan’s thugs brutally beat protesters in Washington DC after Trump visit

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WORD MEANING ALERT: What is a fascist?index

WORD MEANING ALERT: Can someone clarify, with authority and without hyperbole, what the heck is a fascist?

Is Trump a fascist or is the black clad Antifa ‘anti-fascist’ fascists? Is an older white male a fascist for being white or is a young white male fascist for beating up an older white male for being white?

This is super confusing…seems very dangerous for our culture and country if it is not clarified…right or are we missing something?

Ann Coulter Prepares To Address Fascists Who Call Themselves ‘Anti-Fascists’

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