USE OF FORCE ALERT: Whomever controls the narrative controls the perception of justification and contempt.index

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Whomever controls the narrative controls the perception of justification and contempt. This ‘verbal, visual, physical wrestling match’ is getting dangerously close to the cliff.

BOOM!! Protesters INTERRUPT Trump Assassination Play – RUSH STAGE — Screaming “Goebbels Would Be Proud!” (VIDEO)

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WORD MEANING ALERT: The issue is never the issue…index

WORD MEANING ALERT: The issue is never the issue when a fixed invisible political boundary is at stake. If the agenda to consolidate political boundaries is moving forward cling to the Federal level…when it is not cling to the State and Local level.

Note – the issue is not the issue; the fixed invisible political boundary is…POLITICAL WARFARE – IT IS IN THE GAME OF GOVERNANCE…

Obama: Trump ‘Rejects The Future,’ Calls For Cities, States To Go Forward Without Feds

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WORD MEANING ALERT: “Control the meaning of words – control the destiny of humankind.”index

WORD MEANING ALERT: “Control the meaning of words – control the destiny of humankind.”

We’ve now reached the stage of politicizing the dictionary

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USE OF FORCE ALERT: Berkeley Turkey sandwichindex

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Berkeley Turkey sandwich…same ingredients different lipstick…Stomp out those who disagree with you…eliminate ‘free speech’…beat up the ‘fascists’…Krysallnacht redux.

History has a weird way of repeating itself…and why do kids keep making the same mistakes over and over…?

MULTIPLE VIDEOS: Erdogan’s thugs brutally beat protesters in Washington DC after Trump visit

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WORD MEANING ALERT: What is a fascist?index

WORD MEANING ALERT: Can someone clarify, with authority and without hyperbole, what the heck is a fascist?

Is Trump a fascist or is the black clad Antifa ‘anti-fascist’ fascists? Is an older white male a fascist for being white or is a young white male fascist for beating up an older white male for being white?

This is super confusing…seems very dangerous for our culture and country if it is not clarified…right or are we missing something?

Ann Coulter Prepares To Address Fascists Who Call Themselves ‘Anti-Fascists’

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Who Governs the Governing?index

Who governs the governing? Why do the governing change once they are given control? Why do the governing say one thing to the governed and do another thing once they have control – to gain support during voting?

Do the governed have a role, besides voting and, after the vote, starting or joining an issue advocacy? Do the political boundaries, containing the governing’s control, require constant upkeep? Who is responsible?

What happens to society when all political BOUNDARIES, surrounding the governing, are eliminated? Does the natural course of aristocracy and nepotism sprout new controls?

How is a social structure maintained? What are the components of a social structure? How do social relationships affect the social structure? What is the gravity of human nature and it’s affect on social structures?

These challenging questions and more are studied, researched and analyzed, at the Center for Self Governance, through laboratories of KTR communities nationwide. Join the growing number of KTR Systems Specialists!

Washington Press Deems Trump Presidency Now ‘Normal’ And ‘Much More Mainstream’

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BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: “Help us stay in our country”index

BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: “If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please help us stay in our country,” Eid continued. “We don’t want to come to the United States. We want to stay in our country. We want to stay in our country, with all due respect. This is hypocrisy. If you really care, if you really care, help us stay in our country.”

SEPARATION OF CONTROL ALERT: Same pig different lipstick?index

RIP U.S. Senate, 1789-2017

This week has taught us Washington really is as broken and hopeless as we feared.


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CABIN VS. COCKPIT POLITICS ALERT: Cockpit & Economy class playing different gamesindex

CABIN V. COCKPIT POLITICS ALERT: What happens in the Cockpit and what is said to the Economy Class Cabin are two completely different games. No surprises here.

The 1st Class Cabin exercises tremendous leverage over the direction of the pilot & aircraft…and as such, health care is no exception.

Normally, when the economy class Cabin recognizes this natural tendency and feels the ‘pain’, they become extremely dis-enchanted with governance and the ochlocracy (rule by mob) attempts to ‘storm’ the cockpit and take control. This is historically repetitive and destructive to the plane.

Click—rewind—press play—repeat—Click—rewind—press play…

Why keep repeating history? The 1st Class Cabin and the Pilots have parachutes…they do not care if the plane crashes. They will naturally do what they are doing now otherwise – over and over and over again…did we say over and over and over again…just sayin’

Are you tired of repeating the same thing over and over again, slightly different, expecting different results? Why not take a different approach to governance? Why not keep the pilots and the 1st class Cabin confined to their areas of influence and control – this is called ‘keeping the republic’ or maintaining ‘it’.

Don’t try to win your issue or your candidate – just maintain the boundaries and all the issues and candidates will work themselves out. You simply confine the human nature of the governing…it will never be eradicated – simply confined if you can ‘keep it’.

But this requires the governed (economy class Cabin) to overcome their human nature – sleeping and comfortable, just want peanuts and a blanket, until we get hurt – then we organize and try to storm the cockpit and take back ‘power’! And the plane crashes and everyone wants their peanuts and blankets back…

Click—rewind—press play—repeat—Click—rewind—press play…

Trump bullying the Freedom Caucus is a losing strategy

CSG: Changing cultureindex

CSG: Changing culture – one political subdivision at a time. An institution any side can believe in again!

Matt Walsh warns of a ‘long and arduous’ culture war for conservatives

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