BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: Shedding the light on Regional Governmentindex

NOTE:  CSG does not endorse/oppose issues or candidates.  This video is for educational purposes regarding regional government in Southern California (SCAGs).

BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: 1946 Administrative Procedures Actindex


1946 ‘Administrative Procedures Act’ opened the door to ‘Dark Matter’ rule-making.

Agencies Use Regulatory ‘Dark Matter’ To Skirt Trump’s Reforms

Source Wiki Commons

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/14/agencies-use-regulatory-dark-matter-to-skirt-trumps-reforms/#ixzz4bPi20Bip

LTR: The game within the game is not the game you have been playingindex

LTR: The game within the game is not the game you have been playing…until you know your opponent…you are being played.

“Game plan number one is to fill as many seats as we can, right? If it’s all of us in there and the poor people of Breaux Bridge are sitting behind us, well then tough luck for them,” said one organizer, identified by KPEL as James Proctor. His “poor people” comment drew laughs from the other activists.”

“The outside team will join the inside team in the hall after media coverage,” Proctor states at one point.”

USE OF FORCE ALERT: The argument for violence is a double-edged sword.index

USE OF FORCE and WORD MEANING ALERT: The argument for violence is a double-edged sword. They justify violence against anyone they define as ‘fascist’.

The Jews were defined as ‘rats’ by Germans…and that is all it took to convince them it was okay to ‘put’ them in ovens.

Be careful whom you define as ‘fascist’…or ‘rats’ for that matter…you may end up becoming the very thing you hate…

University ‘anti-fascist’ group justifies violence and vandalism against peers

Wiki commons

BLURRED BOUNDARIES: Judiciary should be used to confine governors of both partiesindex

BLURRED BOUNDARIES: free and independent SO LONG AS both are not used as tools to dismantle the structure of U.S. government…A structure whose maintenance belongs exclusively to the governed.

Unfortunately, both are presently being used to collapse (crash) a “democracy.” A structure whose maintenance belongs to the governed once a year for 5 minutes…

The press is not being used to confine the governors of both parties…Evidenced throughout 2009-2016 and in 2017.

The judiciary is not being used to confine the governors of both parties…Evidenced by rulings against both Obama (pro migration) & Trump (anti-migration)…

So yes…Free and independent…Worth dying for…but not when used to collapse the governed’s republican government.

Graham: A free press and judiciary ‘worth fighting and dying for’

Senator Graham, South Carolina

BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: Intelligence Boundariesindex

BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: When intelligence boundaries are politicized is it working in the NATIONAL SECURITY INTEREST?

That begs the question: Who’s National Security Interest – those who want NO political boundaries or those who do?

EXCLUSIVE: In Final Interview, Defiant Flynn Insists He Crossed No Lines, Leakers Must Be Prosecuted

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Federally Funded Public College?index

College Socialist Group Incites Children To Say ‘Kill Donald Trump!’ [VIDEO]