DEMOCRACY COLLAPSING ALERT? Time for a new 21ST Century paradigm?index

DEMOCRACY COLLAPSING ALERT? Maybe it is time for a new 21ST Century paradigm. One in which the governed (the People) take some ownership responsibilities in government.

Instead of trusting control and maintenance of government to the governing, why not hand maintenance responsibilities over to the governed and leave control just to the governing…

Instead of thinking of government as a beast, start thinking of government as an object that needs maintenance – just like our car or our bodies.

Instead of believing government gives and does stuff for us, treating ‘IT’ like a tool to confine chaos and oppression.

Fury fuels the modern political climate in US

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SEPARATION OF CONTROL ALERT: Same pig different lipstick?index

RIP U.S. Senate, 1789-2017

This week has taught us Washington really is as broken and hopeless as we feared.


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