KTR Teams


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The Center for Self Governance is proud of its KTR-certified teams, who now have the political knowledge, skills and ability to engineer and maintain shared control of their multiple levels of government.

Who are they?

The governed.

What do they do?

Share control of their dual jurisdiction system and maintain the separation of their powers and the unequal delegation of control of their power within that system daily.

Where do they do it?

In the political subdivision where they live.

How do they do it?

This team is highly trained (student training) in the practice (team building) and habit (team performing) of daily self governance.  Center for Self Governance provides teams with five (5) levels of student training:

  • Level 1 – Foundation in Self Governance
  • Level 2 – Macro Understanding of Centralized Governance
  • Level 3 – Team Building and Performance for Effective Self Government
  • Level 4 – Inside Gaming and Planning for Effective Self Governance
  • Level 5 – Outside Gaming and Planning for Effective Self Governance

How does a team become KTR certified?

Two, three or more CSG graduates drive multiple issues in multiple levels of government on a daily basis and request certification.

Want more information on KTR?

Contact us at info@tncsg.org.

Note:  Once KTR teams complete their training, they operate independently from Center for Self Governance and are not part of the organization.