Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q:  Do you provide family discounts?

A:  Family discounts available if you are attending with a child under 18 years of age.

  • Children who attend with a parent: $15
  • Children who attend on their own: $20
  • Other discounts may be available.  Contact CSG.

Q:  How many students are required to have a class?

A:  CSG has no class minimum at this time.  Our class maximum is 20.

Q:  Can I take Level 2 before Level 1? (Applies to all Levels)

A:  All levels must be taken in numerical order.  Program requirements must be turned in prior to taking the next level of training.

Q:  Can I take a class twice?

A:  A review is a useful opportunity to refresh the material and work with another instructor and classmates.  Once any level class has been completed for the first time, a review may be purchased for $10.  We have no limit on how many times you may audit.  If a class is at maximum attendance with first time students, reviewing students may be asked to limit class participation,  as the other students participation will have priority.

Q:  Should students meet on their own between levels?

A:  Yes!  Getting together for team practice between levels provides an opportunity for students to help each other with program requirements, develop relationships and promote team-building.

Q:  Am I required to complete the training?

A:  No.  CSG training is divided into five parts and you may stop at any time.  Keep in mind that taking one course does not mean you have completed the training.  You have merely taken 1/5 of the entire program.  Students must finish all five levels of instruction and associated program requirements to complete the CSG training program.

Q:  Do I need to be a CSG student to participate in online courses?

A:  Yes, with the exception of state constitution classes.  Constitution classes are open to all and a great way to recruit potential team members.

Q:  Is a KTR© (Keep the Republic) Team and CSG the same thing?

A:  No.  CSG is a training program.  We are an educational service provider for students across the country.  A KTR© Team consists of students who have banded together to manufacture self governance within their political subdivision.

Q:  How do I build a KTR© Team?

A:  As you progress through the training, plan team practice meetings with other CSG students between levels.


Certification Application

Q:  I lost my Certification Application and Signature forms.  Can I have another copy?

A:  Yes. Email and specify which Level form you need.  A copy will be emailed to you.  You can also call us at (615) 669-8274.

Q:  I am having trouble completing my Essay portion of the class requirements. Who should I contact for support?

A:  Please email

Q:  Where do I send my completed work?

A:  Work can be emailed to or you may mail it to:  CSG, PO Box 10813, Murfreesboro, TN 37129.  You may also turn in your work to the instructor at the beginning of your next level training.

Q: Can I change my topic/issue between levels of training?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Do I have to complete the program requirements (Certification Application) before going on to the next level even if I have a great deal of experience and I am acquainted with many elected officials?

A: Yes.


Hosting a CSG Training

Q:  I am interested in being a Host.  What do I need to know?

A:  Hosts are average citizens who have volunteered to bring a training into their area.  They are not employed by, nor represent Center for Self Governance in any official capacity.   That said, hosts play a vital role in the development of CSG classes.  We encourage you to find similarly committed teammates to help you shoulder the load.  For obvious reasons, everything in CSG training is modeled around creating a team so other members can pick up the slack should the person(s) responsible encounter some unforeseen circumstance.  It can happen!

Q:  What is the procedure if I want to cancel a class that I have agreed to host?

A:  If you cancel your class prior to CSG booking the instructor’s plane tickets, there is no obligation.  If cancellation takes place AFTER plane tickets are purchased, you will be invoiced for the cost.

Q:  How does CSG handle data with Hosts?

A:  From time to time, we get requests from hosts for student data.  Please understand that CSG has a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of such student data.  This means that as host, if you want a copy of student information, and you should, you have the responsibility to get yourself a copy from the instructor at the conclusion of each class.  Otherwise, it will be lost to you.

Q:  What happens when there is a conflict between Hosts?

A:  CSG is desirous of hosting classes anywhere and anytime there is a request.  This means there might be another dedicated patriot requesting the opportunity to host a training meeting close by your sphere of influence.  Such an interest should not be considered a conflict with your effort, but rather a great opportunity to join forces for the advancement of the mission to “Keep the Republic”!  You will be notified of other classes in your area. Should there be a perceived conflict, we at CSG will work to resolve and coordinate efforts.



Q:  How do I update or cancel a scheduled transaction?

A:  You will need to search your email for your transaction receipt. There is a link inside of this email that allows you to manage your recurring transaction. If you have further questions, please contact our help team.

Once you click the link, you will be able to update your credit card information or cancel your recurring transaction.

Also see this link:

Q:  What if I mess up my donation?

If you made a mistake while making your donation, please email with the transaction number, your name and the corrected details and one of their team will update the information for you.


Becoming a Trainer

Q:  I am very interested in becoming a Trainer.  What is required?

A:  Applicants must complete all five levels of training and associated program requirements, as well as document their experience building a team in their own political subdivision.  For more information contact Pam at



Unless there is a legal contract in place, such as a state charter, the use of the term “Center for Self Governance” and/or other trademarks, is strictly prohibited.

CSG provides training to individuals and groups.  Although they are trained by us, they cannot legally represent our organization.  We suggest that such groups give themselves an appropriate name that reflects their commitments, but for legal reasons, must leave out any reference to Center for Self Governance in their names or titles.

Should such group choose to become state chartered, then CSG would assist them in adopting such related titles as, “Kansas Center for Self Governance”, etc.