September 25, 2017

BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: When does ‘No Trespassing’ mean ‘No Trespassing,’ then? Wyoming Data-Trespass Laws Ruled Unconstitutional By Denver Appeals Court

September 18, 2017

BLURRED BOUNDARY ALERT: HIGH PRIORITY – the NY Legislature controls the duties, powers, and functions of all it’s sheriffs. This…

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Free Speech Violation or Justifiable Use of Force? –Is it the duty of a paid government…


Written by: CSG Admin
September 17, 2017

BAD BEHAVIOR ALERT: sAY wAt?!? A Chicago Judge Amazingly Rules That Grant Money Can Be Mandatory

USE OF FORCE ALERT: Our thoughts & prayers are with all CSG students in St. Louis County & City areas…for…